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Thursday, February 04, 2010

"Radhe Krishna" explained in Smt Vishaka Hari Meerabai Upanyasam

We all offer salutations as "RadheKrishna" but do you know where this originated from, this is actually from the Meerabai charithram when Meera called out to a parrot with "Radhe Krishna". Radhe Krishna! Radhe Krishna! as the sadhus will say when singing, this Mahamantra was first and foremost taught by Meera Bai and that too to a parrot. This mantra told to a parrot has become famous worldwide. Meera with grains in her hands, calls out to the parrot. All the parrots would come in a bunch to take away the grains. Meera would seal her hand and tease them saying, 'I wont give you these. Tell Radhe Krishna, then only I will give". Without mentioning Govinda, we should not eat, that's what Meera bai is teaching the parrots. Miras chittam itself is a parrot it seems, where is the parrot flying - towards the lotus feet of Lord Giridhar.
"Meera ke prabhu giridharu nagara"


vivekam.vairagyam 24 October 2010 05:43  

Amazing effort...pranams and thanks a lot...Pls add info and blog about Nochur Venkataraman, Goda Sastrigal, Mullaivasal Krishnamurthy sastrigal, Mani Dravid Sastrigal, Sengalipuram Rama Dikshitar ...Pranams

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