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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Namasankeerthanam from the Ancients - Part 2

Excerpts transcribed by listening to Sri Sri Annas Upanyasam - Ajaamilopaakhyaanam
The Rama Nama Manthram is the Taraka Manthram. In the Ramayana each arrow had rama nama on it. Many claim that Rama was born to kill Ravana. However Sarveshwaran need not be born into this world in order to do this. If this was just a sankalpam in Vaikuntum this could have been easily accomplished. Rama Avataram was mainly to destroy Ravana, no it wasnt. The Avatar was to bring the Rama nama in each person and be told over and over again. Rama nama is the rama-taraka-mantra, all mantras are contained within this mantra.
Even in the Manu Smrithi this is said, sarva mantram is inside the rama mantram. Maharishis knew this but the people did not know this. Rama nama is so simple to say and anything simple people dont like it. In Nature we see lots of such things, like for example you have all the flowers in your garden, yet you will go and buy flowers with difficulty. Purandaradasar said 'aa mantra ee mantra' dont say this and that mantra, 'Tharaka Rama Mantrave japiso eh manuja'. The Bhagavannama saved Sita as evidenced when Hanuman utters rama nama to sita. Rama nama saves Sita in the Ramayana. In the Mahabharata why did Lord Krishna help the pandavas so much, he was a messenger, charioteer, washed horses and what not and was always on the side of Pandavas and helped them, it was the power of the Mantra which was called out by Draupadi. Lord moved into tears on the cry of Draupadi. Mantra itself saved Draupadi in the Bharata.
Even today Akhanda Thara bhajan is happening mainly due to sadhu sangam. Has this come only from us, no mainly due to Rama sankalpam has been passed through centuries. What they performed over countless centuries are performed by us even today, why? mainly because of Rama sankalpam.
In all the 1 lakh grantas of the Mahabharata, Govinda is the mantra and the 24000 stanzas of the Ramayana Rama nama is the mantra.
('Sruti Smriti Puraneshu Rãmanãma Prakirtitam)
why only the deva bhasha knew Rama Nama and the ordinary people did not know. It was because the learned pandits did not tell it very openly as it was simple. The common people did not know the Mahima.
kalau nasty eva nasty eva, nasty eva gatir anyatha
harer nama harer nama, harer namaiva kevalam
In Kali, sarveswaran decided that there is no need of Deva Bhasha, its enough to chant the name of the lord. So the Lord himself came to avatar in the form of Nama and the chant of Namasankeerthanam came into being.
If we see, In the
Mantra Analysis of MAHABHARATHA = Govinda
Mantra Analysis of RAMAYANA = Rama
....To Be Continued and will write when I listen to other Parts soon...


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