As mahatmas say nama mahima is described in the sastras 'sruti smriti purAnEsu rama nama prakeerthitham tannAmakirtanam bhUyah tApatraya vinAsanam'told in the chyavana smriti and leads one to deliverance. We have the divine name and we have the tongue to say it, so where is the fear says Sri Bodendra Swamigal. Namakeerthanam is the easiest, most suitable way and will yield the greatest benefits. Ramarajyam is not far we only have to constantly chant nama and make others chant as well everywhere! ~ Guruji

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. Radhe Radhe

Taste of Nama is sweet - HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamigal

Looking at perumal, Azhwar says "moovulagundumizhndha mudhalva nin namam katra aavalippudaimai kandai". Azhwar gossips with the perumal, is your mouth more sweeter than mine? Perumal asks "why are you asking this and coming up with this? ok, you please tell the answer", says perumal. "moovulagundumizhndha mudhalva nin namam katra aavalippudaimai kandai". I am always saying "arangamanagarulane, arangamanagarulane, ranga, ranga that's why my tongue is sweet. When your name is being said by the bhakthas "aavalippudaimai kandai" - "Oh ramaninamam emiruchira sri rama nee namam entha ruchira rama" says bhadrachala ramadasar, saying rama rama rama the tongue is so sweet just like the sweetness with athirasam, draksha, kalkandu combined, as we keep saying your nama the tongue is so sweet. When anyone asks why does it taste so sweet for the azhwar but not for us, are the azhwars exaggerating it? Azhwar has the answer for this. Lets say one has a typhoid fever with 105 degrees temperature. If Badam alwa is put in his mouth he says it tastes bitter. The dosham is not with the alwa its with the disease he has. Likewise its because of the disease called samsara, this nama is not tasting sweet in your mouth. The poison of samsaram has entered your body. Let that disease leave you, then you try tasting nama. "Perform namakeerthanam this disease will go". After the disease of samsara has left you, then you will know the sweet taste of nama.

Azhwar tells perumal there is a reason my tongue is sweeter than yours - "nin namam katra aavalippudaimai kandai". Azhwar tells perumal you cannot keep saying your own name "ranga", "ranga" and it wont be sweet for you because you have eaten mud. The mouth that has eaten mud will not be sweet. In the first pasuram itself, Azhwar converses with the perumal thus,
"kavalil pulanai vaithu kalithanaik kadaka payndhu
naavalituzhi tharuginnom naman thamar thaligal meedhe
moovulagundumizhndha mudhalva nin namam katra
aavalippudaimai kandai arangama nagarulaane".Radhe Radhe


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