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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

About Bhajan Ravi

Bhajan Ravi, a truly devoted and versatile Bhajan singer belonging to the famous tradition of Bhajan Sampradaya of South India, was honoured with the title of AASTHANA VIDWAN by Kanchi Shankaracharya at the Kamakshi Temple at Kanchipuram on the 30 September, 2008. He has been conducting a Sthothra Paatasala at Saidapet in Chennai from 26 April 1966. This paatasala was started by him for imparting knowledge and instruction relating to the recitation/singing of  Sthothras, Namavalis and devotional songs, not only to children but also elders. He is a B.Com graduate. Besides he has taken a degree B.Music in I class from Madras University. During the last 25 years he has
been giving Sampradaya Bhajans and Devotional Music Programmes on public platforms ranging from Sangeetha Sabhas, Cultural and Social Associations, Religious Organisations and Official functions. He has also performed at Raj Bhavan, Kanchi Mutt, Tirumala-Tirupathi Devasthanam, Om Murugashram, Madhya Kailash and other places. He has also functioned as an Expert Judge for various music competitions conducted by Schools, Colleges, and The Indian Fine Art Society etc. At present he is a Faculty Member at Vani Arts Academy, (Carnatica.Com. CVAT/TVS Group).
He has received guidance and instruction from Bhagavatha Choodamani Sri Vembu Narayana Sharma, himself a competent exponent of Sampradaya Bhajans. The eminent Carnatic Vocalist Neyveli R Santhana Gopalan is solely responsible for giving finishing touches, with emphasis on Laya, Bhava, Shruthi and Sampradaya, to the devotional music of Bhajan Ravi. In recognition of his outstanding service to Devotional Music for more than 30 years, ‘SHREE PRAKASH CULTURAL HERITAGE RESEARCH CENTRE’, Chennai honoured Bhajan Ravi with ‘BHAJANA GANA PRAVEENA AWARD’ on 13 November 2008. What is interesting to note is that Vidwan Mahalinga Thambiran of Dharmapuram Adheenam conferred on Bhajan Ravi the title of ‘Shakthi Dasar’ on 15 April 1974 after seeing him perform at Mangadu Kamakshi Amman Temple near Poonamallee in Chennai.


Anonymous,  11 October 2009 15:22  

A wealth of information. As someone else pointed out in an earlier post, it helps to organize it better. I am thinking if it had a tree structure, with several tiers of information, the top tier will look sparse and one will need to dig deeper to the level 2 and 3 tiers to uncover the actual information. This is just one thought.

nat 14 December 2009 13:58  

Excellent website .namaskarams to the organisers of this web.

Is it possible for publishing meanings of bhajan lyrics [from Ihodaya Mangalam onwards ] as a Mega
service .

Anonymous,  28 March 2010 16:18  

Radhe Krishna,

It was realy inspiring to see that a website with soo much content is in the air.

It i nice to note that so much efforts are being taken to propogate namasankeerthanam.

A suggestion please arrange the names of proponents of Namasankeerthanam in alfabetical order or in the order of periods and greatness. For example Swami Gnanandagiri Swami should come above Gopalakrishna Bhagavatha, Swami Haridoss Giri and Swami Namanda Giri shold come on top of Pithukuli Murugadass.

Kindly include Sri Narayana Shastri in the list being the founder president of Sri Panduranga Bhajan Mandali, Triplicane and the first to introduce Abhangs in Chennai in the early years when Namaruchi was confined only to Bhagavathas.

KINDLY GIVE SPACE TO INSTRUMENT PLAYS LIKE HARMONIUM, MRIDHANGAM,DHOLKI AND TABLA who give the unequiuocal support for any Bhajan Programme and share a large part of it for sucess.

Radhe Krishna,


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